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Scripture Reading — Luke 14:15-24

Go out to the streets and nation paths and force them to come in, so my home will be full. —  Luke 14:23

In the present story a man welcomes visitors to a festival dinner, yet all who are welcomed turn him down. They rationalize about having different responsibilities, at the same time, as Jesus’ audience members would know, the reasons are on the whole lies. For instance, back then, nobody would purchase bulls without giving them a shot first. Furthermore, if a social companion had recently been hitched, the host would have known and would not have intruded on him with a solicitation to another gathering. The host won’t surrender, notwithstanding, and sends his workers to welcome others whom a great many people would not anticipate being welcomed.

The story of the extraordinary meal is an admonition that God’s kin should not underestimate him (see Luke 14:1-14). On the off chance that they disregard his solicitations to full daily routine and devoted experiencing, or on the off chance that they expect no others will be welcomed, they will be in for an astonishment. God “needs all individuals to be saved” (1 Timothy 2:4), however in the event that his visitors decline and demand heading out in a different direction, they won’t “eat at the blowout in the realm of God.”

Unfortunately, God’s solicitations are as yet turned somewhere near individuals who have thought about him for their entire lives. Numerous even who have experienced childhood in Christian homes dismiss, thinking they are doing fine and dandy without God.

The Lord actually welcomes us to come to him by putting stock in Jesus. He needs us to acknowledge his greeting, and when we do, he sends us out to welcome others, whoever they are, to come.


Lord, thank you for inviting us to celebrate with you. May we also faithfully invite others who do not know you. Amen.

Promises, Promises

Scripture Reading — Matthew 26:31-35

Peter answered, “Regardless of whether the entire fall away by virtue of you, I won’t ever will.” —  Matthew 26:33

As the sun set over the dividers of Jerusalem behind them, Jesus and his eleven supporters strolled up the slant toward the nursery on the Mount of Olives. He revealed to them that on “this very evening” the followers would dissipate like sheep and desert him. He had likewise said before that he would be captured and sentenced to death (Matthew 20:18-19). However, Peter and all the devotees protested, saying that they were not going anyplace, that they would stay with Jesus through whatever emergency may come.

As a minister, I regularly managed at services where genuine promises were spoken: weddings, submersions, callings of confidence, appointments of chapel elders and elderly folks. As I would assist with planning individuals to make these pledges, I would likewise attempt to convince myself that they genuinely expected to stay faithful to their commitments. In some cases I would keep thinking about whether they truly comprehended what they were getting into.

On account of Peter, I don’t need to keep thinking about whether the followers comprehended. Peter said, basically, “I realize that what happens this evening might be a crucial circumstance, however I will be there for you, Jesus, regardless of whether I need to pass on guarding you!” different pupils didn’t stop for a second to make a similar clearing guarantee.

However, did they keep their responsibility? Isn’t that right?


Spirit of God, etch in our hearts and minds the promises we have made—to spouses, parents, children, friends, neighbors, and you. Help us to keep our promises. Amen.

In Secret No More

Scripture Reading — John 19:38-42

Joseph of Arimathea, an unmistakable individual from the Council . . . went strikingly to Pilate and requested Jesus’ body. —  Mark 15:43

Jesus was not denounced by every one of the 71 individuals from the Sanhedrin, the decision gathering of clerics and Pharisees. One part, Nicodemus, had recently gone on record in notice the Sanhedrin against running roughshod over court rules in their energy to denounce Jesus (John 7:50-51).

Another individual from the Sanhedrin, Joseph from Arimathea, had not assented to what the court had done (Luke 23:50-51). Be that as it may, out of dread of different pioneers on the court, Joseph had not stood up. His voice was unheard, and he stayed just a mystery adherent of Jesus.

However, before the finish of that horrendous day, Joseph had set out to unveil a revelation: he went strongly and straightforwardly to the Roman lead representative Pontius Pilate, requesting that the group of Jesus be given a fair entombment. In doing this, Joseph valiantly suggested to Pilate that the execution had been shameful. He likewise valiantly set the Sanhedrin straight that their decision against Jesus was a fake, and he gallantly admitted to all that he, Joseph, ought not have been quite recently a mystery supporter.

So Joseph and Nicodemus respected and covered the beaten, wicked cadaver of the one their associates had censured, laying Jesus’ body in Joseph’s “own new burial chamber that he had removed of the stone” (Matthew 27:60).


Forgive me, Lord Jesus, for I have sinned. I was in a position to speak, but I felt intimidated, so I remained silent. Help me to know how to act faithfully in the future. Amen.

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