Who Then Can Be Saved?

Scripture Reading — Mark 10:17-31

The disciples were even more amazed, and said to each other, “Who then can be saved?” — Mark 10:26

In perusing tales about individuals like the man in this scene, individuals who don’t actually under­stand Jesus, I’m enticed to peer down on them. The man seems to have been rich, and he had a high assessment of how well he kept the law. In any case, he appears to have had no idea about that Jesus was basically calling him to give for what seems like forever to God—or possibly he simply didn’t have any desire to do that. I ponder internally, “I surmise he simply doesn’t get following Jesus.”

But then I frequently react to Jesus similarly that man did. Regularly I don’t get what is the issue here, or comprehend what he has recently said, or acknowledge what he expects of me.

Yet, in this story, Jesus doesn’t peer down on the man. Jesus takes a gander at him and loves him, the Bible says.

I’m grateful to such an extent that—despite the fact that the man had it all off-base—Jesus didn’t simply excuse him or censure him. All things considered, Jesus adored him and welcomed the man to follow him.

In that general area is something awesome I can gain from Jesus. At the point when I don’t comprehend his lessons, or when I misunder­stand reality with regards to Jesus and his realm, there is as yet a caring greeting from Jesus to follow him and continue to learn.

Whatever else Jesus says to the man in the story, it’s with regards to Jesus’ adoration for an individual who doesn’t completely get it. That is consoling to me!


Thank you, Jesus, for looking at me with love even when I have it all wrong. Instead of seeing what I have done, show me what you have done for me. Amen.

“I Want to See”

Scripture Reading — Mark 10:46-52

“How would you need me to help you?” Jesus asked him. The visually impaired man said, “Rabbi, I need to see.” —  Mark 10:51

Bartimaeus had been shouting out to Jesus to show benevolence toward him. Also, Jesus’ inquiry to the man may appear to be somewhat odd from the start. Didn’t Jesus understand that Bartimaeus was visually impaired?

Jesus absolutely realized the man was visually impaired. However, Jesus’ inquiry welcomed Bartimaeus to consider and mention to the Lord what he truly required.

Bartimaeus had most likely been requesting gifts at the door of Jericho for quite a while—maybe even years. He was prone to ask from every other person for a coin or a slice of bread. In any case, within the sight of Jesus, he could want his sight—and that fundamentally implied requesting his life back.

What do you need from Jesus? We all could utilize a little assistance or some help. Perhaps Jesus could even fix some things like a messed up relationship or monetary obligation. Presumably, he could! There are a wide range of things we could request that Jesus help us with, yet Jesus welcomes us to be ­honest enough with ourselves in order to be strong enough with him.

What we truly need is God’s benevolence and effortlessness. What we real­ly need to say is “Jesus, Son of David, show leniency toward me!”

So proceed, mention to Jesus what you truly need—since that is the motivation behind why he was out and about, making a beeline for Jerusalem.


Thank you, Jesus, for seeing what I truly need and for asking me to see it too. Give me the courage to own up to my need and to cry out, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” Amen.

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