The True Way to Life

Scripture Reading — John 14:1-17

I’m the way and reality and the life. Nobody goes to the Father besides through me. On the off chance that you truly know me, you will realize my Father also. —  John 14:6-7

Subsequent to washing the feet of his devotees (John 13), Jesus reveals to them he will before long be leaving to set up a permanent spot for them in God’s quality. Thomas asks, “How might we know the way?” Jesus at that point uncovers the focal reality of his character: “I’m the way and reality and the life.”

Jesus says he will plan places in his Father’s home for every one of his supporters. Some more established Bible forms additionally interpret “rooms” as “manors.” Growing up close to Newport, Rhode Island, a spot with numerous chateaus, I frequently longed for living in one. In any case, obviously, any spot with God is endlessly in a way that is better than the most fabulous mansion without him.

At the present time Jesus is setting up our unceasing home with God. The main thing for us, however, is the way to arrive. Jesus says he is the true and only way to the Father. To our pluralistic world, Jesus’ case sounds politically inaccurate. Be that as it may, God gave his lone Son (John 3:16) for salvation. What’s more, all alone, we can’t discover our approach to him; we simply continue to head out in a different direction, adrift from God. We should believe him to bring us home. For the time being, we follow his way “by effortlessness . . . through confidence” (Ephesians 2:8), by adoring God wholeheartedly and cherishing others (Matthew 22:37-39).

In the event that we have a place with God through confidence in Jesus Christ, we needn’t stress. We are now with him, strolling the genuine method to life!


Lord Jesus, you are the only way to the Father, the whole truth of God and eternal life. Help us to follow you as you lead us each day. Amen.

All We Need to Know

Scripture Reading — John 20:30-3121:25

Jesus did numerous different things too. On the off chance that all of them were recorded, I guess that even the entire world would not have room . . . . —  John 21:25

It’s April 30, fourteen days after Easter. We’ve ventured with Jesus from our reality to antiquated Jerusalem, and outside its entryways, where he kicked the bucket for us, emerged, and gave us new, endless life. On April Fools’ Day we started by contemplating whether God had sent his Son wasting time, coming to live in our reality as one of us. He needed to experience Holy Week and the hellfire of Good Friday until he went to the brilliance of Easter.

From what we are aware of Jesus’ life on earth, his days were loaded up with lecturing, instructing, recuperating, raising the dead, and, obviously, managing resistance. He didn’t leave a journal or arrangement book to disclose to us all that he did in his service, let alone during his youth or adolescent years. What did the gospel essayists forget about? All we know is that they mentioned to us what the Spirit incited them to compose.

John closes his gospel provocatively: “Jesus did numerous different things also.” But he gave us enough. “These are composed that you may accept that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by trusting you may have life in his name.” There was substantially more to tell, yet what’s recorded gives us bounty. Christ lived with us, kicked the bucket for us, and rose successfully. Presently he sends us to share this uplifting news. That is all we require to know.


Almighty God, you’ve given us the story of all stories to share with our broken, fallen world. Inspire us and encourage us to tell others, for Christ’s sake. Amen.

Getting Prepared for God

Scripture Reading — Malachi 3:1

I will send my courier, who will set up the route before me. —  Malachi 3:1

This stanza is regularly associated with John the Baptist, the prophet who came to set up the route for Jesus. It is even cited in Mark 1:2. However, before it was about John the Baptist, it was about Malachi himself, whose name signifies “my courier.” The message God sent through Malachi was the solution to Israel’s inquiries regarding where God was and when he was coming.

The motivation behind Malachi (and John the Baptist) was to set up the route in front of the Lord’s coming. We’ve been taking a gander at the principle message that God cherishes his kin. Yet, we’ve found en route that individuals were falling flat in their adoration for God. Before God came to them, he needed them to know where they remained with him. They had the opportunity to make enhancements in their relationship with God, yet that time would some time or another end.

The equivalent is valid for us who anticipate Christ’s subsequent coming. What’s really significant about being prepared for Christ’s return is our relationship with him. It is safe to say that we are energetic for him to come? I’ve seen that the nearer I develop to Christ, the more detached I become with natural things. Are there things you are connected to that you struggle giving up? Try not to expect there will consistently be time later to fix your needs. This is the ideal opportunity to have our hearts arranged.


Dear Jesus, help us to know you more deeply. May we die to ourselves daily—our stuff, our relationships, even our identity. Give us a growing dependence on you. Amen.

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