The Good Shepherd

Scripture Reading — Mark 6:30-44

“They all ate and were satisfied.” — Mark 6:42

In some cases it very well may be difficult to tell what we truly need. On a blustery sea shore, as a man attempts to begin his pit fire, he may think he simply needs more matches. However, what he ­really needs is somebody to help block the breeze.

The group that followed Jesus was loaded with individuals who needed recuperating and individuals who were excited and stunned to see his marvels, yet Jesus saw that they truly should have been shown numerous things. Jesus’ teaches, his nearest adherents, needed to know how they could discover nourishment for the group, however Jesus saw that they truly expected to comprehend that he was the acceptable shepherd who gives.

The devotees were troubled over how to take care of the group, however they may have seen that Jesus, similar to a decent shepherd, had empathy on the grounds that the gigantic group resembled sheep without a shepherd. So in that tranquil, far off spot he had them all plunk down on the green grass to be reestablished. On the off chance that you read Psalm 23, you will see an image like this one, with Jesus dealing with every one of these individuals like a shepherd tending his run. Furthermore, regardless of whether the pupils didn’t completely see what he was doing at that point, that is the thing that he did.

Thank the Lord that he takes care of us as the shepherd who understands what his sheep truly need.


Lord Jesus, help me to know what I really need. Thank you for always caring for me. Help me to rest in you and not stress out; help me to trust that all things are already in your hands. Amen.

Just Do It

Scripture Reading — Mark 6:6b-13

“He began to send them out. . . .” — Mark 6:7

The supporters are still exceptionally new to their calling to follow Jesus. They have watched and ­listened, however they have mostly been quiet, and none of them has yet admitted to put stock in Jesus as the guaranteed Messiah. All things considered, they have been depicted as apprehensive and as having no confidence (Mark 4:40).

No doubt their confidence actually has far to go. All things considered, they are offered power to lecture, drive out evil spirits, and recuperate individuals who are debilitated. What’s more, they did!

Would you be able to be consoled by this? It’s anything but an ideal confidence that qualifies you to affirm for Jesus. It isn’t the strength of your ability to accept that makes you a tenable observer to reality. It isn’t your schooling, preparing, or experience that prepares you for serving him. You can do all that due to what jesus’ identity is, not what your identity is.

An excessive number of Jesus’ adherents hold back to fill in as devotees in the mission of Jesus until they think their confidence is very much evolved and solid. The followers’ confidence was quite lacking, but then they served not on the strength of their confidence but rather on the sending of Jesus.


Lord Jesus, when I consider my qualifications, training, and strength of faith, I can only imagine that you don’t have much to work with. But thank you for using me for your purposes anyway! Amen.

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