Recognizing the True Messiah

Scripture Reading — Isaiah 9:2-7

He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. — Isaiah 9:6

Nobody aside from Jesus can fill the portrayal in this entry. He is the lone Savior of the world.

So today, in the event that you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, if it’s not too much trouble, appeal to God for individuals who don’t yet have any acquaintance with him. Ask that they may remember him as the Messiah and Savior who is the leader over all and the Lord of life and harmony. Ideally through these dedications you have built up a worry and empathy for individuals who experience issues seeing Jesus in the Old Testament. Be prepared to show others how Christians decipher Scripture. Supplicate that individuals can conquer scholarly and social questions. Supplicate that they may understand Jesus Christ is the best way to salvation.

Petition God for individuals who have a restricted perspective on Jesus. Many consider him to be just an edified shrewdness instructor and a prophetic person who battled against the detestable powers of society. In any case, Jesus became alive once again, and all who put stock in him will likewise be raised when he comes back once more.

Jesus is interestingly God and remarkably human. He is the person who strolled this world as an individual and as endless God simultaneously.

Leave Jesus alone your caring Coun­selor who addresses your questions! Leave him alone your adequate Father who really focuses on all your necessities! Honor him as the Mighty God who rules over all! Consider him to be the Prince of Peace in this world!


Ruler Jesus, may every day of our lives be loaded up with significance since we are strolling with you, our endless God! So be it.

Jesus, the Coming King

Scripture Reading — Luke 19:28-42

It couldn’t be any more obvious, your ruler comes to you, noble and successful, humble and riding on a jackass, on a yearling, the foal of a jackass. . . . He will declare harmony to the countries. —  Zechariah 9:9-10

Jesus’ victorious arrival into Jerusalem and his visit to the sanctuary more likely than not carried clear suggestions to individuals who saw these occasions. Verifiable sources disclose to us that in a popular procession Alexander the Great was invited into Jerusalem with ceremony and condition. Later Judas Maccabeus endeavored to show that he was both ruler and cleric by showing up in the midst of singing and fun with palm branches, trailed by a penance in the sanctuary. Jesus, notwithstanding, was showing that he is our lone High Priest and everlasting King.

Jesus didn’t enter Jerusalem on a war horse yet on a jackass, a modest creature of harmony that was otherwise called a royal mount. What sort of lord was Jesus? On Palm Sunday, when we quote Zechariah 9 to praise this day, we regularly incorporate just section 9. Jesus is a noble and successful lord. In any case, stanza 10 talks about eliminating weapons of war and declaring harmony to the countries.

So come into the sanctuary of our heart, Jesus. Come into our homes and relationships; come into our connections; enter our urban areas and countries and their governmental issues and financial life. Talk a message of harmony that we can rehash and again as people, as your congregation, as individuals of your realm. Hosanna in the most elevated!


Lord Jesus, you have all authority in heaven and on earth. May we all hear your message of peace—and may we act with righteousness and justice as you call us to. Amen.

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