Fire and a Call for Decision

Scripture Reading — 1 Kings 18:16-39

At the point when all individuals saw [the fire of the Lord], they fell prostrate and cried, “The Lord—he is God! The Lord—he is God!” —  1 Kings 18:39

Fire can be damaging, yet it can likewise enlighten. The prophet Elijah on Mount Carmel remains as God’s agent before individuals who love different divine beings and individuals from Israel who can’t pick. Elijah calls them to choose the Lord, the one genuine God, and Baal, the bogus god.

Before any choice is made, a challenge is worked out among Elijah and the prophets of Baal with regards to who can bring fire from paradise down on a penance. The prophets of Baal set up their penance and shout out for Baal’s consideration, venturing to such an extreme as to cut themselves and drain. Be that as it may, there is no reaction, since Baal doesn’t exist.

At that point Elijah pours water over the penance he has arranged. The penance is completely soaked, and water additionally fills a channel around the special raised area. At that point Elijah appeals to God. Accordingly, the Lord sends fire so exceptional that it consumes the penance and the wood, stones, and soil and dissipates the water in the channel. In this fight, it is clear who has won. Individuals at this point don’t falter. They shout out and recognize the Lord as God.

We serve the one genuine God, who hears us. We serve the God who isn’t quiet. We serve the God who was in any event, willing to send his Son, Jesus Christ, to kick the bucket for us, getting our salvation. This God additionally goes to us and calls us to follow him.


Dear God, forgive us when we waver or even flirt with other gods like the god of self, or power, or status, or materialism. May we cry out and acknowledge you day by day. Amen.

Devotion Displayed

Scripture Reading — Acts 2:42-47

They devotion themselves to the messengers’ instructing and to partnership, to the eating and to petition. —  Acts 2:42

Our section for now has been utilized in innumerable settings not exclusively to urge yet in addition to caution. The admonition sinks in when we perceive the distance between this image of the early church and a portion church rehearses today. The support comes when we comprehend that the congregation is as yet alive, on account of the Holy Spirit. There are standards to be noted, investigated, and followed.

The key component we find in this image of the congregation is dedication. We see dedication toward God and toward building local area, in after Jesus’ instructing and in approaching the Lord in supplication. This commitment is seen; it is obvious. In the Old Testament, God assembled his kin to show his approval and care to the countries (Genesis 12:3; 28:14). This proceeds in the New Testament.

At that point and now, the congregation is to show God’s affection and elegance to a world that ponders what god’s identity is and what is the issue here. In Acts 2 we see a congregation that has open hands, hearts, and homes for other people. Their acclaim to God and satisfaction in each other is infectious and ­attractive.

I envision it was likewise muddled. Would you be able to envision going from 120 individuals in association to more than 3,000 out of one day? And afterward developing increasingly more as time went on? Amidst the wreck of being together, God continues to construct his congregation—each life in turn.


Dear God, thank you for every person we can connect with today. May we show them a joyful devotion directed to you and displayed to all we meet. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

“Been With Jesus”

Scripture Reading — Acts 4:1-22

At the point when they saw the boldness of Peter and John and understood that they were uneducated, normal men, they were flabbergasted and they observed that these men had been with Jesus. —  Acts 4:13

Following a night in prison, Peter and John are brought before the strict rulers and educators of the law. The missionaries’ instructing to the groups has prompted more individuals coming to confidence in Jesus. Yet, presently Peter and John are remaining before the strict pioneers who contradict Jesus.

These strict pioneers thought they were finished with Jesus when they figured out how to get him killed. Presently they need to do what they can to quiet Peter and John, so they compromise them. In any case, they likewise realize that an extraordinary recuperating has occurred. Every individual who goes to the sanctuary knows the one who was faltering—and now he is mended. How might this be?

The strict pioneers don’t accept the mending of the weak man is connected to Jesus, however they do interface the mental fortitude of Peter and John to Jesus. The rulers consider Peter to be John as normal, uneducated individuals. They are anglers. Peter and John are utilized to the Sea of Galilee, not the Sanhedrin chamber of rulers.

What’s the significance here that the rulers observed that Peter and John “had been with Jesus”? What did that have to do with their fortitude? The witnesses currently realized that all that Jesus had said and guaranteed was valid. Furthermore, they believed that Jesus, by his Spirit, was still with them. So in all that they were doing unmistakably Peter, John, and the local area of professors in Christ were individuals who were “with Jesus.”


Father, Son, and Holy Spirit: lead us, protect us, and empower us so that we are faithful witnesses of being with you! Amen.

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