Does the Church Let Its Light Shine?

Scripture Reading — Matthew 5:13-16

“You are the light of the world. . . . Let your light sparkle before others, that they may see your great deeds and commend your Father in paradise.” —  Matthew 5:14-16

In his book Christ in Crisis, Jim Wallis says that the congregation has regularly neglected to let its light sparkle. It has, he says, neglected to take a stand in opposition to foul play, prejudice, and destitution—and, over and over again, it has “passed by on the opposite side,” like the minister and Levite in Jesus’ anecdote of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37).

As the congregation, we do well to listen near Jesus when he calls every one of us to let our light sparkle so God, our Father, might be celebrated.

Does your congregation do all that it can to let its light sparkle? Do we go out as we would prefer to stand up, and do we do all that we can to contact individuals who are battling, or abused, or mistreated, or requiring God’s adoration and help in some alternate manner? There are such countless necessities thus numerous chances—in different nations as well as in our own areas and networks.

In his book God Came Near, Max Lucado recounts an anecdote around four candles in a storeroom that wouldn’t come out to bring light during a blackout. One flame required more opportunity to prepare. One flame said that giving light was not her blessing. Another was excessively occupied, and the other didn’t feel qualified.

What’s our excuse?


Lord, help us all to let our light shine wherever you place us. Help us to reach out to people who are often ignored or overlooked in our communities. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Is There Life after Death?

Scripture Reading — John 11:21-27

“I’m the revival and the life. The person who has faith in me will live, despite the fact that they pass on; and whoever lives by putting stock in me won’t ever bite the dust. Do you accept this?” —  John 11:25-26

Not very far in the past I had the advantage of lecturing on this content at the memorial service of a nearby family member. To certain individuals, the case of Jesus about post-existence may seem like hogwash. They may well ask, “How is it possible that any would canny individual feel that Jesus’ case here is valid? At the point when individuals bite the dust, they don’t continue living.”

Their incredulity would bode well on the off chance that it were just any of us making that guarantee. Be that as it may, the individual talking here is Jesus, the Son of God, the Savior. Furthermore, he later backs up his case by raising Martha’s dead sibling back to life (John 11:38-44). At that point, after Jesus himself was executed, kicked the bucket, and was covered, he demonstrated his control over death by becoming alive once again to demonstrate that he is “the revival and the life.” (See John 19-20.)

Through his introduction to the world, demise, and revival the Lord Jesus ­assures us that there is life in the afterlife. The grave isn’t the end for the individuals who kick the bucket. Demise is a venturing stone into interminable life for every individual who has faith in Jesus as Savior. The one condition is that we trust in him. The inquiry Jesus posed to Martha is an inquiry that we have to reply also.

Do we accept that Jesus is the revival and the life? The response to this inquiry will decide if we live after we kick the bucket.


Lord Jesus, help us to believe that you are the resurrection and the life. Give us the assurance that you have overcome death for us. Amen.

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