Devotions Listen!

Scripture Reading — Mark 4:1-3

He taught them many things by parables, and in his teaching said: “Listen! . . .” — Mark 4:2-3

Our lives are loaded up with interruptions, and frequently we prefer it as such. Large numbers of us likewise like foundation or repetitive sound can assist with diverting us from interruptions! With all the commotion that fills our surroundings, it very well may be difficult to hear what we need to hear, and hard to realize what we should zero in on.

Jesus was a splendid narrator. He recounted stories from the life and culture of the time, and he filled them with implications that were immediately straightforward and significant. Be that as it may, except if you had the option to genuinely tune in, they were simply stories.

Aside from God’s giving us the knowledge to comprehend, the outcome will be that Jesus’ illustrations are simply stories, his marvels are simply astonishing, his torturous killing is simply misfortune, and his revival is only whatever you make of it.

As a pioneer calls individuals to consideration, Jesus, with the authority of the Son of God, urges us to tune in a world that looks to divert us from reality. He calls us to see through the darkening haze of life, to sift through the commotion to hear the voice of the great shepherd as he shows us ourselves and our lives.



Dear Lord, help us to listen to your voice and to hear what we need to know and to believe about ourselves and about you. May we look forward to hearing you speak to us. Amen.


Sowing the Seed

Scripture Reading — Mark 4:1-913-20

“Listen! A farmer went out to sow his seed. As he was scattering the seed . . .” — Mark 4:3-4

At the point when somebody starts to reveal to you a story and it sounds uncommon, it attracts you as you attempt to sort out why the story is being told along these lines. For instance, it wouldn’t bode well for a rancher to be so indiscreet as to disperse his significant seed just anyplace. However, that is the thing that this rancher is doing, and that is by all accounts inefficient and absurd.

Incidentally, that Jesus’ story starts by welcoming us to see something about this rancher. From a rural perspective, the sower is being reckless, however Jesus isn’t offering cultivating guidance. He is representing how the Word of God is spread and how it is gotten.

In Jesus’ anecdote the rancher doesn’t prejudge the dirt. The spreading of the Word doesn’t make assumptions about the human heart, for who understands what the conditions are until the seed has been planted there? The sower just sows, and he doesn’t compute the dangers and results early. He simply plants.

We regularly can’t resist thinking regarding dependable administration, proficiency, venture dangers, and paces of return. As miscreants, though, we would be a helpless danger for Jesus to take—yet, thanks be to God, the Word comes our direction.

How will you manage the endowment of God’s Word coming to you today?


Lord, it’s risky to spread the good news of your grace to me, but without your Word I would be helpless. May my life receive your Word and grow from it. Amen.

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